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This is the thread for us all to get to know each other a little better.  Please reply to this topic with a quick introduction of yourself.  Include details like your background, what industry and job role you are in, what brings you to this community, what projects you are working on or planning, and any other interesting facts about you.


We encourage all our members to participate in this thread.  It can be a great place to make connections with other professionals, get ideas for new projects, or just enjoy a little downtime conversing with other big data practitioners.

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 After having worked for several companies during 15 years in Spain as DataAdministrator and Business Analyst, my current goal is to learn as much as possible about BD for BigData and Analytic approaches for Business Intelligence, as long as new IT fram. I have also programmed on Java and PHP, MySQL for creating Digital Platforms wherefrom users would be on line in acordance to his information demands. I wish we keep in touch so that learning a much as possible about Cloudera skills and keep our ilusions deeper. 

Keep in touch!!

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I am a data scientist in the world of TV and advertising. My background is in Computer Science and Machine Learning and quite recently I started using spark for modeling/analyzing big data. Over the years I have programmed in different languages for my academic and professional work but in the past few years, I've been mostly a python/pyspark developer.





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I'm not good at introduce myself.I have two years' C Programming experience

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Hi! Having worked as programmer for more than 8 years, now I am learning
RDBS in SQL and NoSQL, apart from Business Intelligence and Data Science.
Wishing being in touch,
See you!

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I am Venkatram R. Veerareddy
Senior Java Developer.

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Hello! from Spain I would like to introduce myself. Programmer for more
than ten years, in Java, MySQL, and C#. Now involved in ML and RDMS. I wish
I could learn as much as possible with you.
Keep in touch!! Juan

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Hello everybody. My name is Gunnar, I'm from Germany. I'm working with NiFi since 2018, but since I'm working more or less alone, it doesn't bring me far enough => hope to learn from the community.


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Hi!! I am Juan from Spain, working as RDBS administrator for 15 years,
and wishing to learn as much as possible about Cloudera framework.
Wishing keep in touch!!

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Hello, My name Mala, I am a ELT engineering at one company. I have experience 3 years with data pipe line and have experience in using many tools like shell script SSIS and other tools. But for big data framework I have a bit knowledge about it. Currently I am try to learn and improve my self for big data platform. I am happy to join this community, and I will have many question relate to Cloudera and some big data framework like nifi, flume, spark …etc. I happy to read and reply on any problem if I know.


Nice to know you here.