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This is the thread for us all to get to know each other a little better.  Please reply to this topic with a quick introduction of yourself.  Include details like your background, what industry and job role you are in, what brings you to this community, what projects you are working on or planning, and any other interesting facts about you.


We encourage all our members to participate in this thread.  It can be a great place to make connections with other professionals, get ideas for new projects, or just enjoy a little downtime conversing with other big data practitioners.

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I'll kick this off with my own introduction.  My background is in UNIX systems administration, Java development, application support and enterprise software.  I had about 15 years of experience in a wide range of industries, public and private sectors, and even entrepreneurial endeavors when I joined Cloudera.


I joined Cloudera in 2011 as a support engineer (we call them Customer Operations Engineers) and worked for two years in that role, becoming our Hbase SME team lead before founding our online community and becoming Community Manager.  I couldn't be more excited about Cloudera, this community, and the places all of you smart people are taking Hadoop and big data!  In my opinion, "Big Data" is the best place I've ever been in my career and I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon Cloudera and Hadoop.


When I'm not working, I enjoy mountain biking and training for events like Triathlons and Tough Mudders.  I also stay very busy with my wife and kids, we love live music, camping, hiking, and dining out.  I play guitar to reduce stress and I like beer.  Especially local craft beers.  🙂


You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter,  or simply direct message me here in the community.



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While I don't have Clint's technical chops I do have some interesting experience in my work history before my career in online communities. I started working at the age of 14 and held many different jobs from amusement park gaming operator and Emergency Medical Technician to 911 Dispatch Supervisor. In 2011 I joined Dell and ran their IdeaStorm community which collected customer ideas to improve products, services and operations for the company.     


I joined Cloudera earlier this year as a Community Moderator and assist Clint with the community which has been growing by leaps and bounds. I have been impressed with the knowledge being shared on the community by those with all levels of experience. I look forward to getting to know many of you through our interactions here. 


On the more personal side, I describe myself as a tech addict as I typically am an early adopter of new technology. I enjoy movies, gaming, travel, watching sports and keeping up with the latest news on a variety of topics but my main hobby is digital photography.


You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter or just send me a private message. 

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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Hello, My name is Shamika and I am an Instrumentation Engineer. I have 11 years of experience in Building Automation/Control systems domain.

I have a strong understanding and experience of the entire project lifecycle from requirements analysis, hardware design, software programming, testing & generation of databases.

In doing so, I have gained solid experience in SQL and C++ & communication protocols like bacnet ms/tp, zigbee.


In my 11 years of career I have got the opportunity to work on some of the best facilities around the world and with some very knowledgable experts.


Data analysis & DW is very nascent in Building Automation domain. At the same time, it a very important aspect of how we can make our facilities more energy and cost efficient.

A building system generates large amount of useful data which has not been leveraged in entirety due to the complexity of data and equipments. It will be interesting to know how big data analytics can be applied to it to make useful business and environmental friendly decisions.

My past few years experience has been specifically in ETL/DW & I am currently planning to enroll in the big data analyst course to gain some more useful insights and skills through it.


I love to read, walk, cook and watch movies. I look forward to interacting with the wonderful cloudera community!!





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Welcome to your new community for big data analytics, Shamika!  🙂  We are glad to have you.  That is some impressive experience you have and the stuff you mention falls directly in the realm of what our products help people do.  Your use case, in fact, reminds me of a talk we just hosted at a local Cloudera User Group meetup in Austin.  Here's a link to that presentation, in case it's of interest:


IoT with Spark Streaming




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Waiting on a response on one of the threads, meanwhile stumbled here.

Working as a platform architect, six years of experience mainly in Java and Enterprise solutions.


Currently building up team to handle Hadoop Administration by doing hands-on first.


Six months into CDH / Hadoop. Having fun. Impala being the point of focus for us right now.

Plan to move infrastructure to Cloud soon. More fun.


Here to gain knowledge from experienced people in the field.


Motorbikes are my secondry skills, love to scrap knee on that corner.



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I'm not good at introduce myself.I have two years' C Programming experience.Last year i start learn Java programming,and since then i love java,think it is a so beautiful language.and i programmed a joystick running on android that can control quadflyer with wifi i am studying hadoop and wanna work with Java.

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Respected  Clint heath,
 Thank you so much sir.
I am currently learning Big data development -Hadoop and related technologies,from Acadgild.I am not working yet but I am an aspiring hadoop developer and ofcourse I want to be a good one.I have completed my Post graduate diploma in Information Technology.I am a Network Engineer and completed A+ and N+ from Pune University.I have joined the community with a vision to complete a certification in Hadoop(not yet planned in which technology).But I cannot afford the training and so I have joined the community to learn.

  Thanks again.Hope you would help me in the path to certification.

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Welcome DevS, I am new and I joined this community for the same purpose as you do...

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@DevS, very glad to have you join our community and I'm sure you'll find your peers more than willing and able to help you along your big data journey!  Thank you for joining and participating in our community!

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Hi All,


I am Venkatram, working as a Java developer for about 16 years.  Recently I started working on Kafka and Spark.  This is about me.  I am interested to learn distributed computing.




Hi All, I'm Surya. I'm from development and support background. I started my career with Visual basic and classic ASP programming and then moved to Rapid development using Power Builder tool. Then worked on .NET 1.1 through 4.5 Until 2012. With the change in software market needs, I learnt Microsoft Azure, Linux, Weblogic and WebSphere Administration and Hadoop 1.x.

Out of the new skills, I found hadoop is more interesting with the features of commodity hardware, distributed computing etc. and choose that as new career path.

Presently I'm working as Hadoop Technical Consultant @ Teradata India. 

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Great to have you join our community Surya, I think you've made a great
choice in a new career path. I made the leap to Hadoop and big data myself
almost 5 years ago and it's been the best move of my career. I wish you
all the best, I'm sure you'll find your peers in the community more than
helpful along the way.

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Last 15 years , I been Working on Microsoft Products as Databse Developer and Data Architect. Currently due to changing Technology Trend and Growth in Data, my interest started moving towards hadoop. .I became 

more excited about the  hadoop architecture .


When i am not working , Myself and my wife work on our Yard. we Love our Garden . Like to Travel .

 you can find me here on linkedin



Hi everyone, My name is Hanzala Shaikh. I have 5+ years of experience in core IT which includes projects on Big Data Hadoop platform specialization on Cloudera EDH in AWS cloud. Worked on Multi-Cloud Environment on AWS/GCP. My expertise is in Hadoop Administration and managing production-grade cluster on AWS Cloud. I have worked on multiple projects in the healthcare domain on a secured cluster. I have good exposure to Cloudera and Hortonworks distribution as I have worked on both platforms. Now, I am here to contribute my knowledge to the community in the best possible way as I can and also to gain some more knowledge and get my queries answered.


Hi Hanzala Shaikh,

Thank you so much for joining here!! You are mostly welcome to this community.

Your knowledge will be very very useful for all of us.

Thank you so much again!!


Could you please help me regarding some queries about AWS if you have some time.


My contact number is 9502799722 (India)


Thanks and Regards,






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To introduce myself, I have been a Java developer for the past 15 years or so and have been mostly working on web applications across domains like healthcare, logistics etc. I am now gradually shifting my focus to Data Science. Looking forward to gaining knowledge from this community of experts.

In terms of hobbies, I love reading and going for long walks.



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To Introduce Myself:

This is Mehul Desai - Executive Director at GainInsights driving Sales
We are a Solution and Service provider for Data Related Value
proposition to our customers. I have 25+ years IT experience all thought
out sales and worked with organization like Wipro, BusinessObjects, SAP,
Qlik and SAS.

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Hello Cloudera/Horton Community,

My self Priyanshu working as a Data engineer in Societe' Generale' .Its been already 4 years I have been using cloudera and thought its high time to have a cloudera account so that I can interact with cloudera community.Very Excited to be part of ocean of Knowledge 🙂 


I am a software engineering student at the IIT (International Institute of Technology , North-American University of Sfax,Tunisia) .

I will graduate in June 2016 (hopefully) . 

Currently , I am studying software engineering and data sciences . Through the intriductory courses , I understood how to manipulate data and extract

optimized predictions to help in making decisions . After studying the data mining course , I felt very passionate about data engineering and decided
to pursue my career as a big data software engineer .

That' s why I joined the Cloudera community to learn about Hadoop  big data using my favourite programming language : JAVA .

I like swimming , playing card games , playing soccer computer games and watching comedy films .

You can find me on LinkedIn .




Community Manager

Welcome to the community BigDev and best of luck with your studies. 🙂

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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