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This is the thread for us all to get to know each other a little better.  Please reply to this topic with a quick introduction of yourself.  Include details like your background, what industry and job role you are in, what brings you to this community, what projects you are working on or planning, and any other interesting facts about you.


We encourage all our members to participate in this thread.  It can be a great place to make connections with other professionals, get ideas for new projects, or just enjoy a little downtime conversing with other big data practitioners.

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Hello Everyone,

I am a associate developer in Charlotte, NC (*home Norfolk, Va*) currently
changing careers or should I say adding value after 20 years in IT/Telecom
(MCSE/CNE/CCNA/FCC-GROL) for various industries, but mainly
Telecommunication (core Systems/Network Engineer) by including Big Data
(Apache Hadoop and Spark ecosystem). My goal is to become a subject matter
expert in LTE concentrating on the IMS or a Big Data expert for a tier 1

I studied Electronic Technology at the Norfolk State University. I have
worked in various industries government, medical, law, banking, retail and
telecommunication as an IT field technician; help desk - customer service;
Network Operations Center (NOC); computer repair; administrator; engineer;
and manager (project manager & personnel management). I have also worked
independently as a consultant and business owner all utilizing my 20 years
of experience and training in information technology in areas designing
(voice and data networks), implementing and OAM (operation, administration,
and management) of enterprise and carrier grade networks, to managing
projects and personnel. I worked domestically and internationally. I am
currently taking my 20 years of IT skills and experience and
enhancing/utilizing it into Big Data (Cloudera CDH, Linux, Java – core
technologies/Python/R, Cloud computing).

I hope that I will learn together with you all (*been re-training full-time
since January 2016*) including get a understanding in how to incorporate my
new knowledge/skills with my current knowledge/skills/experience and pass
it forward as a contributor as I have done throughout my career.

I have been privilege to provide my skills and experience in the US Army
after the Panama invasion (Operation Just Cause) tactical and fixed station
telecommunications management, St. Vrain School District (designing and
implementing a voice over frame relay network after the Columbine
shooting), NCAA division I national championship and Super Bowl XLII (E911
wireless location system implementation and support 2007) in Phoenix,
Arizona. I am hoping Big Data continues to give me the opportunity to
continue working on exciting projects as I have done in the past.

As LeBron James would say, “Taking my talent to South Beach”. But for me
“Taking my talent to Big Data”.

Anthony Crenshaw

New Member

I work as a consultant in Charlotte NC.  I mostly focus on Microsoft SQL Server and the respecitve BI stack.  Hadoop administration work is in my future and I am taking first steps here.

Community Manager

We are happy to have you here @andyboxer@Crenny288 and @mfounta. 🙂

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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New Contributor

My name is Brian, and I am an engineer with a large mining equipment manufacturer, in the remote health monitoring and analytics group. My professional background is principally in the mechanical engineering domain, but with graduate and professional experience in Matlab.


Specifically, I am focused on vibration data acquisition, processing, and analysis. That responsibility spans from the actual onboard sensors to the predictive and prescriptive analytics, as analysis is predicated on some understanding of the instrumentation and signal processing principles. Vibration signature datasets are very dense, which made vibration-based condition monitoring one of the original instances of "big data" in the industrial space.


Currently working on building up expertise in Python and Spark (including PySpark).

I was also planning to gain experience on Python
Can you suggest any good learning/training material.


New Contributor

Hi Laideepak,


There are some excellent courses available here these can be studied free of charge or you may pay to earn a signed certificate

New Contributor
I used Allison - and some others. But, you have to
pay for your certificate if you want it after the course.

Here are some other free sites before you take a paid training class. For
me I learn on my own then take a class which has worked for me for years.
Including Apache Hadoop (CDH).

New Contributor

I got started with the very basics here, which has in-browser interactive input/output windows.


Good Day!!


Kindly below link contains many cources for Python. 


Best Regards,




Tayseer ALHAJ, MBA
Principal Consultant | Data Management Strategy
Strategy and Transformation BU | Middle East

New Contributor

Hello everybody,


My name is Kapil, I am a software developer, been working on projects involving Java/Scala/Databases for around 12 years across various industries. At present, I am working for a bank based in London.


My current project is based on collecting data from various sources and then merging information to make it usable by end users. I feel our project has got huge scope for big data technologies as we often deal with big data sets. I have got limited experience with big data technologies and so joined community to learn more and more. I am also preparing for Cloudera Apache Spark certification. I will be glad to talk to fellow members who are interested in this certification and sharing experiences.


Kind regards,



Working on integrating Hadoop with Pipeline Pilot.  Pipeline Pilot is a cornerstone component for many of Dassault Systemes scientific software applications.


Tayseer is a lead consultant at Devoteam Middle East. He has 16 years of experience in consulting, business management, projects/programs management, and presales within Private and Governmental sectors within the Middle East business markets.

          Tayseer is currently working with many clients in the kingdom, helping in having full transformation to deliver tier one and world class services to the consumers. Tayseer has hands on experience within multiple government and private sectors. He used to work closely with top executives in developing IT strategies and advising them to better achieve their entities’ objectives. He is an expert in running consultancy operations within cross-functional teams and managing the delivery of ICT projects.


          Tayseer’s Functional Skills are in consultancy, business visioning, project management, data quality assurance, and business management, performance management, and balanced scorecards. In addition, He has considerable skills in requirement analysis, building RFPs, tendering, and evaluating vendors and technologies. 

          As for the Technical Skills, Tayseer having over 16 years of a broad experience in all aspects of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing technology and Performance Management (KPI, BSC), and he have been designing solution, building and supporting complex business intelligence systems. Although he have an extensive data warehousing technologies.


Major Projects that Tayseer participated in include:

  • Program Governance, Saudi Tabadul Co. , Saud Arabia
  • Strategy Management, and Balanced Scorecards, Saudi Post , Saud Arabia
  • Developed Data Management Office Framework, Saudi Arabia.
  • Balanced Scorecard & KPI Automation, ANB, Saud Arabia.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Project, Saudi Customs, Saudi Arabia.
  • National Data Bank Project - Evaluation Phase, Central Department of Statistic & Information, Saud Arabia.
  • ESKAN & EJAR Business Intelligence Project, ELM, Saudi Arabia.
  • Cloud Computing Services, Go-to-Market Strategy, Mobily, Saudi Arabia.
  • Customer Care and Billing System Project, Orange Jordan.
  • Data Migration and Data Cleansing Project, Orange Jordan.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Project, Orange Jordan.
  • Revenue Assurance Project, Orange Jordan.


- Business Development and Market Research.
- Business Transformation and Data Management Strategies.
- Business Roadmaps and Transition Plans.
- Implementing effective Balanced Scorecard process.
- Initiative and Leadership Character. - Project Management
- Tendering and Bid Management.
- Data Quality Management (Planning, Assurance and Control).
- Executive presentation and communication skills.
- Developing of BSC strategy maps, objectives, KPIs, targets & initiatives.


- Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
- Technology evaluation (process and selection)
- System Integration
- Data Modelling and Data Architectures
- Predictive Analysis and Big Data - Business/Systems Analysis
- Business Process Reengineering
- Business, Solution, and Data Modeling using Erwin tools
- Data Migration and Consolidation
- Problem Solving
- Successful BSC Automation.

Tayseer ALHAJ, MBA
Principal Consultant | Data Management Strategy
Strategy and Transformation BU | Middle East


Hi all. My name is Stevie, and I'm a DevOps Engineer who just inherited a CDH 5 cluster from a former employee, so I've been trying to ramp up. I took a 4-day course but as we all know, nothing beats real life experience. My background is in Linux and networking. In my current role I support an ad-serving platform with a mixture of open source tech like Kafka, Storm, Zookeeper, along with more standard fare like Tomcat, Aerospike, and Postgres. I hope to get feedback from folks who have experience with CDH as I work my way through the gotchas that are sure to come up (you know, like this past weekend when 18 datanodes suddenly stopped working). 


Looking forward to interacting with you all. 

New Member

Hello All,


I have been in data management space for about two decades using traditional data management tools and analytics. Based in North Carolina state in USA.

I am new to Big Data, Hadoop, and exploring the hands on. 

My interests are Data Engineering and Data Analytics.

I was browsing this community/forum, and finding helpful suggestions and comments from fellow members and experts.

This community has been an open forum to post questions and follow-ups which will greatly help and enhance the understanding  of cloudera Hadoop aspects.


I would love to share my thoughts and comment if the posts are relevant to my area of expertise.


I am pretty sure that I will have great learing experience here.  Looking forward to it.


- Hema Chepuri



New Contributor


Glad to have you. I am also in North Carolina (Charlotte) started learning
Apache Hadoop including Spark (also Flink - currently in incubation). Been
through a few paid programs and free online videos including Cloudera
examples on their website. If you need any assistance or recommendations of
online training let me know. I will do my best to assist with resources and
learning. I have paid for my voucher, CCA175, currently studying and hope
to be ready to take in 2 weeks (20 hours of studying I've been told).


New Contributor



I am currently working with PRGX as Technology Lead. I work on ETL tool Talend and Cloudera 5.7. I do mostly POC's to explore and find functionalities whether they suits for my organization. I am interested in Talend, Hadoop, Hive, Impala and Spark topics.



L Raghunath.

L Raghunath.


# mario amatucci


## intro

used to work as bi developer with focus on etl... these days working with think big (teradata) on custoemrs data lakes (mostly nifi and some spark support and admin tasks when needed too



New Contributor


My name is Monika Singh Chauhan, I work as a Firmware Developer. My company started to look at Big data stack for Analytics. I downloaded Cloudera and exploring it.

Currently I am working on how to run R script on Cloudera.

Excited to learn and understand how Cloudera works and how can we use it.


hi Monika, loads of free videos and learning material here on cloudera and not only

New Contributor

Hi -

Mark Teehan in SAP, Singapore. My team conduct proof of concepts on data - both database (HANA) and big-data (SAP HANA VORA, Spark etc). This is run on a combination of customer clusters, internal clusters and docker clusters on laptops. 



see linkedin Raymond Desnoyers

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