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Job role switch

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Hello All,


I am an Oracle DBA with 10 years of relevant experience and 16 years overall experience. I am always interested being an invididual contributor on the technical front while my experience also demands me to drive the team or any implementation.


I am more interested to get into the trending technology and especially on Hadoop Administration. I have started reading online documents, videos and planning for certification as well while setting up my own lab on Hadoop Ecosystem for learning purpose.


Being an experienced DBA, I don't see an  opportunity to work or have hands-on on the Hadoop Administration. Was trying to switch the role even in my organization internally but it didn't help. Are there really chances that I could get into Big Data administration. I am ready to put in all my effort for certification but I am wondering how could I get into the real time hands-on Hadoop Administration.


Any inputs will be appreciated.








 Are there really chances that I could get into Big Data administration ? 

 Yes I am the example I am an Oracle Dba as well with 10g 🙂 certification . Previously was a Java Developer . 
Nothing should stop you to pursuing another role .if you have already completed your cloudera hadoop certification then you should be able to land in a job very easily. please ping me in direct message I should be able to refer few of the opening  if you are interested. 


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Thanks Guna !!
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