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Data is inserted as Null for few columns in Hive Table using Parquet Format

Hi ,

I am evaluating the Kite SDK for our project  .
As a start i was looking into the examples available in Kite Data Module.
My requirement is I want to load the data in Hive table in Parquet Format.
For this I slightly modified the example
While creating the DatasetDescriptor , i associated the format with it also like this.
DatasetDescriptor descriptor = new DatasetDescriptor.Builder().schemaUri("resource:user.avsc").format(Formats.PARQUET).build();
I am using the same avro schema file available in the example.
Now when I executed this example , it is inserting the 100 rows(i.e expected) in the table but the value for creationDate and favoriteColor is inserting as null.
I tried to create different schema also but the behavior is same , few of the columns are always inserting as null.
Kite Version :0.13.0
hadoop-client : 2.3.0-cdh5.0.0
hive-hcatalog-core : 0.12.0-cdh5.0.0
CDH Version : 5.0.0
Any suggestions ?