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Deleting existing DataSets

I started learning kite sdk today and am finding some strange behaviour.


so I had created this "users" dataset before which I want to delete and re-create. to do this I do the following steps


1. kite-sdk delete users


In order to confirm if the delete is successful I do a 


kite-sdk show users

Hive table no found: default.users


OK so great users is deleted. Now I do a 


kite-dataset create "users" --schema users.avsc

kite-dataset show users


and I get to see a bunch of records.... but wait... I never imported any data yet. so how come kite is showing me data in the users schema?


as of now I have just created the schema (the step of kite-dataset csv-import) has not been done yet.


so where did the data come from?? is it the data from the previous users table??




Where is this data coming from? I have not imported anything yet....

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Re: Deleting existing DataSets

Kite uses the Hive API to drop the table when you tell it to delete the dataset and Hive should take care of dropping the table. Can you check the log of your HiveMetastoreServer to see if there was an error on that side?


To get past the error, you can remove the directory by hand.

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Re: Deleting existing DataSets

I had to delete the directories in HDFS manually It could be that kite-dataset delete command only does a logical delete. this means it only removes the metadata.


anyways. doing kite-dataset delete and then a manual delete in HDFS works for me.


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