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extractJsonPaths failed to extract value with special char



I have a question regarding the extractJsonPaths command.


I have the following Json object.


"message": " - - [07/Mar/2004:16:05:49 -0800] \"GET /twiki/bin/edit/Main/Double_bounce_sender?topicparent=Main.ConfigurationVariables HTTP/1.1\" 401 12846\r",
"@timestamp": "2016-01-07T15:23:16.263Z",
"host": "localhost.localdom",
"TZ": "UTC"


I am trying to extract the values with the following conf:


morphlines : [
id : default
importCommands : ["org.kitesdk.**"]

commands : [
{ readJson {} }

{ extractJsonPaths {
flatten : false
paths : {
host : "/host"
timestamp : "/@timestamp"
msg : "/message"
timezone : "/TZ"


The message field is problemtic because it includes extra quatation marks, even though they are backslashed.

Does anyone know how to overcome this?

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Re: extractJsonPaths failed to extract value with special char


Are you able to resovle this now ? 

I am trying smae thing with simple json file having only one element but it's not able to parse and getting bellow




Caused by: com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unexpected character (':' (code 58)): expected a valid value (number, String, array, object, 'true', 'false' or 'null')

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