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[ANNOUNCE] CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.0 Released


We're pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud (PVC) Data Services 1.5.0, which delivers new features and improvements to accelerate your modernization to cloud native architectures on premises. 


Some key highlights of this release include: 

  • Lower minimum hardware requirements, as well as pathways to convert CDP PVC Base nodes into PVC Data Services nodes. 
  • Easier upgrades of platform and data services, including migration automations from PVC Base to PVC Data Services for Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) and Cloudera Machine Learning (CML).
  • Backup and restore functionality for Control Plane and Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW)
  • Added Iceberg as a technical preview for CDE and CDW, enabling customers to embrace the first open private data lakehouse on premises. 


Additionally, there are numerous improvements to platform security, stability, performance, and of course new features across each of the data services - CDE, CDW, and CML.


Please see the Release Notes for CDP PVC Data Services 1.5.0 for the full list of features delivered. 


Cloudera’s Professional Services team is available to ensure your migration to CDP is successful. In addition, Cloudera’s Support Team is available for your mission critical support needs. We encourage you to open a support case via our Support Portal to alert us of your planned upgrade. 


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