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Announcing: Cloudera Navigator Encrypt 3.8.0 for RHEL7.1

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Cloudera Navigator Encrypt 3.8.0.  
Navigator Encrypt is a key component of Cloudera's Security and Governance solution.  It complements HDFS encryption to provide encryption at rest for sensitive data in the hadoop cluster in temp/spill files, metadata databases and ingest volumes.      It works together with Navigator Key Trustee, so that encryption keys are managed following security best-practices required by a number of compliance regulations, including PCI and HIPAA.    Navigator Encrypt is available to all Cloudera customers licensed for Navigator use.
Here's what's new in this release:
  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.x - starting with 7.1
  • Easier deployment on existing server volumes, through automatic mounting of encrypted loop devices on boot (see Block-Level Encryption with a Loop Device for details)
  • The use of loop devices simplifies adding Navigator Encrypt to existing servers, enabling just a portion of a volume to be encrypted, so that entire volumes don't need to be reformatted.  
  • Note that the previously available eCryptFS file encryption option has been deprecated on all OSes and is not available on RHEL 7.1.  
There is a new download location for all of the Navigator encryption products, including Navigator Key Trustee as well as Navigator Encrypt.   Find them at .   You will need your Cloudera support portal username and password.      See also the documentation for the Cloudera Navigator Data Encryption products.



Happy holidays!