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Can't see database on Hue GUI but can on Hive CLI after enabling Kerberos and Sentry

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I am breaking my head to find the solution. Someone please atleast give me a hint or advice. 1. I am not able to create a new database using HUE GUI. Its througing message - 'error 500'. I checked the hue server logs but did not find any hint. However I am able to create a new database with Hive cli mode. New database is reflecting in hue filebrowser but not in hue query editors. 2. All the new tables created under default database are in syn between hue and hive. 3. HUE login user and group is hive. I tried with all the other users like hdfs, admin but the problem remains same for all users in hue. Also, I attached the hue file browser pics below. Can someone please let me know whether it is a permissions issue or any misconfiguration issue. 


hive cli.pnghue-hive database issue (1).pnghue hive database.pnghuehive database.png


hue file browser.pnghue file browser2.pnghue file browser3.pnghue file browser4.png