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Cannot see set role to a user in a group in Sentry

I created a group in linux called operator with testuser as a member and assigned the role dkmf to the operator group with >grant role dkmf to group operator. This works as below I copied the output from >show role grant operator;


t> show role grant group operator;
| role | grant_option | grant_time | grantor |
| dkmf | false | NULL | -- |
1 row selected (0.061 seconds)


But when I am logged in as testuser and and try >show current roles; 

the dkmf role does not show, the ones that were set before. 


What's missing?


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Re: Cannot see set role to a user in a group in Sentry

If you are managing groups via the underlying OS you will need to manually add the group and user mapping to a minimum of the sentry host and your client host. It is recommended to add them to all hosts to avoid permission ambiguity when running jobs.