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Hive and Impala showing different roles for user with Sentry installed

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I am running Cloudera 5.15, with Kerboros enabled on the cluster. Sentry is installed to configure user access to various tables/databases ...etc.


Everything is installed and working fine for Hive, but not for Impala.


I'm using Hue web UI for issuing hive/impala queries. (I'm getting same results using beeline and impala-shell though)


From Hue/Hive:

show current roles;

return --> "professors_role"


From Hue/Impala

show current roles;

return --> no results


When I issue "select current_user()" from hive and impala query editors I'm getting different results.


From hive "select current_user()" returns "hive"


from impala "select current_user()" returns "professor1"


I'm thinking perhaps this is the kulprit, but i'm not sure how to fix? Maybe I've missed a configuration setting in impala somewhere?


Everything works fine in hive - logging in as different users shows me different databases and tables as I would expect based on their assigned roles. Users logged into Impala can't see anything.


Any help is greatly appreciated.