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Impala ODBC with Sentry

Hi All,

I've got a user who is trying to use Power BI to connect to impala via the odbc and kerberos.  This will work fine, however the only database he see's is the default, despite having permissions within sentry to select from every database.

If that user logs into Hue and uses impala query editior he can access all db's and tables.  However if he trying to connect to any database / table within power bi (by writing sql to pass through, as he can't see the db's in Power BI drop down), he gets the error message "AuthorizationException: User xyz does not have privildges to view table

Username and xyz obvisouly would be different.

I'm at a complete loss, the user is within all the correct groups within hue, those groups maps to roles within sentry which has permissions assinged.

Any advice?

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Re: Impala ODBC with Sentry

Incase anyone ever comes across this thread.  We found that the problem was that the user had an upper case letter in his windows AD account.

To fix this issue we set:

HDFS Config: Map Kerberos Principals to Short Names

Impala Config: load_auth_to_local_rules