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NullpointerException in HiveAuthorizerImpl when configuring senty


am have deployed CDH5.7.1 without Cloudera Manager.

Sentry Store, Hiveserver2 and Metastore all start up fine. I

am using hiveserver2 with LDAP auth on a kerberized cluster.

I can connect with beeline to hiveserver2 just fine (with auth).


However, when issuing a "show databases" I am getting a FAILED: NullPointerException null (state=42000,code=40000)


After compiling hive by myself I see that the NPE is in HiveAuthorizerImpl.checkPrivileges, where authValidiator is null. In I see that the SentryHiveAuthorizerFactory creates a SentryHiveAuthorizerImpl(null, null); so authValidator is indeed set to null in the sentry plugin. How is this supposed to work? Or did I probably just configure the wrong Sentry Plugin classes?


Thanks, Hans-Peter


Hans-Peter Zorn
Data Management & Analytics, inovex GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany