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Senrty High Availability

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I am working on Sentry deployment in Cloudera Manager, I want to enable High Availability for Sentry service. I went through many Cloudera Sites but I could see only GUI method of enabling Sentry HA but I want to enable HA  for Sentry through CM API in python, Could you please guide me on this that how can I achieve this.



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Re: Senrty High Availability

Sentry does not support HA as far as I know.
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Re: Senrty High Availability

Sentry HA is supported as of CM / CDH 5.13.0


To enable Sentry HA via the API, after meeting the prerequisites, you will need to:

1) Add an extra Sentry Server role to a host

2) You may need to go to the Hive service and Enable Stored Notifications in Database (HMS group setting)

3) Generally follow the public doc instructions for enabling Sentry HA with rolling restart, but using API commands instead of GUI actions.

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Re: Senrty High Availability

But here the objective is to deploy sentry with HA using python cm_api sdk. Deploying Sentry is not a big deal but enabling Sentry HA we don't find any method in SDK similar to enabling yarn and HDFS HA.