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Sentry HA feature?

I'm setting up cdh sentry with your cloudera manger.


I wonder if your "Sentry" support HA(High Availivity).

I saw Apache version support HA.


but, I can't find at cdh version, how to setting up.

Is there any guide?

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Re: Sentry HA feature?

Support for complete Sentry HA will arrive in a future CDH release (no ETA as of this post's date). There are still some critical tests required to ensure it works well with other HA components such as HMS HA, etc., before it can be added as part of a stable CDH solution.
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Re: Sentry HA feature?

We are using  HMS HA for which we are not able to sync HDFS permission to Sentry. Need to do more work on unix side for groups and acls. What is alternative?