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how to find the hive-sitexml and hdfs-site.xml files

I am trying to enable the sentry service with cloudera hadoop and there are some xml side properties that need to be plugged into hive-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml file along with sentry.xml file.


We have three master nodesa and 4 data nodes. 


i did find the files in the following on every single server:

Paths to config files:



/etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml


Just wanted to know what is the proper way to find the exact xml file that is being used as part of each service.


Thank you very much for the helpful info.


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Re: how to find the hive-sitexml and hdfs-site.xml files



You can get xml files in the below path... But I will not recommand you to update it directly, instead you can update your configuration using CM




By default, Sentry requirs configuration changes in Hive, Imapal, YARN and Hue ( you can add addiontal services as needed and change configuration)


Ex: You can follow this method

CM -> Hive -> Configuration 

Select Scope > HiveServer2.
Select Category > Main.
Uncheck the HiveServer2 Enable Impersonation checkbox