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how to get list of hue editor side users part of cloudera users group

I would like to get the list of users who has access to hue editor with admin right etc.


One of the issue i am noticing is i do have a user id for hdfs, but don't see a user HIVE in the user admin userslist, i would like to login as hive useris , and create roles and groups under meta store.


I would like to check under cloudera user Ad group , to see if the hive was at all created and part of that Ad group (cloudera users group).


Thanks a lot for the helpful info.


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Re: how to get list of hue editor side users part of cloudera users group

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How is configured your Hue for authentificating end users ?


If Hue is configured per default, then Hue manage its own database where users are declared. This user management is separate from LDAP or unix users. There is no link.

In this set up, if you need an "hive" user to connect to Hue, you need to create it manualy yourself (from Hue web-ui).

Also, you can browse "users" from Hue web-ui if you have admin priviledge and see which user has "admin right in Hue".


Who get admin priviledge in Hue ? The first user that logged in after installation. After that you can give "admin permission" to other users from Hue web-ui (connected as the admin).


Please note that all of the preceding is right only for the default authentification mode of Hue (using an internal database for managing users).