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Building and deploying a new accumulo iterator

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I would like to build and test, deploy and make available a "special" accumulo Iterator.


I an not sure where to start, e.g. do I download a git project, do I create a jar to test, how do I make it available.


I am good at my algebras, but new to this :-)


My environment is accumulo 1.4.3 on CDH4 QuickStart. 


Used maven to import accumulo simple examples into netbeans.






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Re: Building and deploying a new accumulo iterator



You will need to create a class that implements SortedKeyValueIterator and deploy it to your cluster. You may also want to consider extending one of the existing iterators in org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.user if your use case is similar to something that has already been done, or for examples.