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Disabling checksum in Haddop clients



My name is Sharon, I got a question about usage of cloudera with HDFS:

I want to use Cloudera for some computation, and set the HDFS clients using HDFS (computation nodes using HDFS) to not use checksum at all (disabling checksum, using NULL version).

I saw that it's possible from HDFS protocol perspective (by looking in the apache open source), i wonder if i can use cloudera for setting the clients to ask for checksum NULL.

By trying to look for documentation i only found an option for setting the checksum chunk size, not disabling checksum at all.

Is it possible to disable checksum for all clients using Cloudera? what is the default checksum computation (CRC32/ CRC32C/ other)?


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Re: Disabling checksum in Haddop clients

Are you looking to disable checksum tests during read, or entirely bail on checksums even during writes?