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Fuse with Kerberos

I am testing out Fuse on CDH 5.5.6, OEL7 with Kerberos authentication. I was able to install Fuse and mount to my cluster fine. I kinit so I am authenticated, and  I can navigate within HDFS (via the Linux mount point I created) and copy files from HDFS to my local using standard Linux 'cd', 'ls' and 'cp'. But I can't seem to create files on HDFS, any attemp to 'cp' or 'touch' a file in a directory that my Kerberos user has permissions on fails with 'permission denied'.


I notice when viewing file ownership (using 'ls -l) via the Linux mount point to HDFS cluster, that everything shows as owner and group = nobody. When I view the same using 'hdfs dfs -ls', owner is my Kerberos principal user.


What is the problem? Does Fuse not work completely with Kerberos?

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Re: Fuse with Kerberos

Would you be able to run fuse connector in debug mode?



hadoop-fuse-dfs dfs:// /tmp/mount3/ -odebug


It will then print logs in console, and it might shed some light why that failed. Let me know if you see something fishy.

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Re: Fuse with Kerberos

You could try py-hdfs-mount which supports Kerberos authentication: