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Hbase REST API, Globbing Rows undocumented behaviour

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In our cluster (CM 5.8.4 parcel 5.8.4-1.cdh5.8.4.p0.5, HBase 1.2.0-cdh5.8.4) we would like to retrive rows from Hbase in the simpliest available way using a REST API.


To retrive multiple rows with a REST call (GET) we can use the "Globbing Rows" REST api documented here -> in this way:

(example from documentation:||*)



We discovered that there is an undocumented behaviour. We can call the globbing REST api using startrow,endrow parameter in this way:

In this case it works exaclty as a scan (and it breaks the rest server if you try to retreive too many rows).

We also searched in this hbase souce code mirror ( and noticed that the code is intended to work like this (function private int parseRowKeys(final String path, int i) line 65-110).



Why is this behaviour not documented?


Is it safe to use (with restriction) this REST call instead of use a scanner or the absence of documentation means that the function will change without any comunication (not even the "deprecated" stuff)?

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Re: Hbase REST API, Globbing Rows undocumented behaviour

We engaged vendor professional support and we discovered that:
​1- There is an internal thread on HBase REST API documentation that needs enhancement
​2- It is possible to use this endpoint (but is not safe if you not have the control of the client that call the service) and, because it can cause OOM, is better/mandatory to use kerberos auth for Hbase REST API