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How to refresh hbase's zookeeper quorum?

I use CDH 4.0.4.


ZooKeeper servers are: zook01, zook02, zook03, zook04, zook05.

The zook05 server crashed.

I deleted zook05 in Cloudera Manager.

So for zook05 I reinstalled the OS and put zook05 back into the zookeeper service.


I have confirmed HBase's quorum.

The ZooKeeper quorum set to HBase is missing zook05.

The hbase-site.xml configuration of hbase includes zook05 as it was originally.



How can refresh hbase's zookpeer quorum ?

How do I get HBase to recognize zook05?



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Re: How to refresh hbase's zookeeper quorum

If you are using Cloudera Manager and have re-added the host/role after
deleting it, Cloudera Manager should've marked your HBase service with a
'Stale Configuration' icon, indicating a restart is required for your HBase
service (and client configuration deployment for its gateways) to see the
changes in the ZK client configuration.

There's no way to live-refresh the configuration at runtime, but you can
consider performing a rolling restart to eliminate availability issues.