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How to start a Lily HBase NRT Indexer Service in Cloudera 5.9.3



     I have followed the steps from the below document


 Upto the topic "Pointing a Lily HBase NRT Indexer Service at an HBase Cluster that Needs to Be Indexed" 

are fine.


I have successfully configured  and skipped the topic "Configuring Lily HBase Indexer Security". since I dont have kerberous and sentry enabled cluster.


and continued  with the next topic  "Starting a Lily HBase NRT Indexer Service"


Actually I stuck here.


How do i start the Lily HBase NRT Indexer Service from cloudera or from machines.


When I executed with the below command to verify the current hbase-solr-indexer service status in each host

service hbase-solr-indexer status

It says "hbase-solr-indexer: unrecognized service"


even i checked with jps command


sudo jps -lm

there is no process in the name of 


I am really confused that the hbase-solr-indexer is one like role instances of hbase service.


Thanks & Regards,

J.Ganesh Kumar.


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Re: How to start a Lily HBase NRT Indexer Service in Cloudera 5.9.3

The command is only for non-Cloudera-Manager deployments like the documentation notes:

In non-managed deployments, you can start a Lily HBase Indexer Daemon manually on the local host with the following command:

sudo service hbase-solr-indexer restart

If you use Cloudera Manager then just add a new Service from the Clusters page of the type "Key-Value Store Indexer" shown in the new service list. Then proceed with configuring it from CM and starting it.