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Namenode federation in the real world

Does anyone actually use Namenode federation in their corporate environment? What are some of your thoughts and challenges?

I'm looking at setting up some data load folder structures and I'm wondering if I should create a default namespace to start with so that there's a pattern when moving to name node federation.


I'm not sure what the growth will be and whether we'll exceed the file limits on HDFS. I'm also not sure if this is a good way to scale either as it might cause more headaches and complexities than it's work - looking for some experience and general thoughts here.

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Re: Namenode federation in the real world

I'm yet to see a genuine case of someone running into a single NameNode scale limit.

Federation users, from my experience, have been extremely rare. And managing a unified namespace view via the viewfs:// does appear painful to me personally.

However, the functionality works just fine once setup. You shouldn't find major trouble with it if you decide to use it.