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hbase decommission failed.

My hbase version is 0.92.1-cdh4.0.1.


I do not know the history of the past, but the hbase version of one server is 0.94.15-cdh4.7.0.


So I tried to decommission the 0.94.15-cdh4.7.0 version of the server.


However, decommission failed.


Cloudera Manager can see the failure, but can not determine the cause.
master server, region server The log does not contain a log of failure.



Cloudera Manager > hbase > Commands

Command Details: Decommission

"Failed to decommission Region Servers"


Toggle Balancer 

   - Successfully toggled balancer


   - Command completed with 0/1 successful subcommands.

Toggle Balancer 

   - Successfully toggled balancer




s there a way I can solve this problem?