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hbase user iis currently not available.

1 I use CDH4.4.0 and CM4.4.7 to make my hadoop cluster.


2 I Sing in the hbase cluster mathine,the execute the commond 'su hbase'


3 the result is :This account is currently not available.


4 What`s the reason for this ? for safty?

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Re: hbase user iis currently not available.

You receive the error because the 'hbase' user does not have a login shell assigned to it.

You can set a shell for the 'hbase' user on the machine, to allow direct 'su' based login to that user, by following

However, if your goal is to simply use the 'hbase' user for running superuser level commands, we instead recommend using 'sudo' style commands. For example:

~> sudo -u hbase hbase hbck
~> sudo -u hbase hbase shell

You can also invoke a shell as the 'hbase' user in certain cases, via:

~> sudo -u hbase /bin/bash