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how to increase cluster size using manager UI

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Say I have a haddop/spark cluster with 1 master and 5 slave computers.

I am planning to get 3 more new computers, which I want to add to my cluster as 3 more new workers. [ so now I have 1 master and 8 workers]


I would want HDFS installed on all 8 workers. It seems this can be done using the admin UI.

In addition, I also want any hadoop and spark and other packages to be installed on the new workers as well, and configurations updated on the master , so the master knows there are 8 workers now.


How can I use the cloudera manager admin UI to add these new worker computers into my cluster ? The master remains the same.


Thanks !

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Re: how to increase cluster size using manager UI

Hi @NewBee22


Are you still looking for this procedure ?
Any way, I think you must read those links:
Adding a Host to the Cluster
Adding a Role Instance

Good luck.