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total_balancer_misc_invocations_rate_across_masters, balancer_misc_invocations_rate_across_masters

Anyone knows what are the following metrics meant for?

- total_balancer_misc_invocations_rate_across_masters

- balancer_misc_invocations_rate_across_masters



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Re: total_balancer_misc_invocations_rate_across_masters, balancer_misc_invocations_rate_across_maste

The documentation of CM metrics for HBase Master states the below:

The number of times the balancer was invoked outside a balance cluster
operation. The balancer might be invoked when a new table is created, for
example, to place the newly created regions.
""" -

If you want more granularity on when this metric receives an increment,
look for the method calls named 'incrMiscInvocations' inside the balancer
base class within HBase Master:


The _across_masters suffix just averages the value across all HBase Masters
running in the cluster. The _across_roletype generally applies the same way
to all other role type metrics in CM. You can also query them without the
across suffixes.

The total_ prefix sums instead of averaging the value, across all relevant
role types for your chosen metric.

The rate bit basically appears for all counter style metrics. It represents
the change over time (dx/dt). You can perform an integral(…) over any
rate-named metrics to access actual value growth.

These are tsquery specifics documented further at