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How validations can help enable your CDP upgrade success

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Cloudera Enterprise 6.1 and HDP 3.1 reach End of Support (EoS) as per the Support Lifecycle Policy in December 2021. This is followed by Cloudera Enterprise 6.2 and 6.3, both of which reach EoS in March 2022. As you plan your CDP upgrade and migration strategy, reviewing and applying the recommendations from validations will increase stability and avoid known challenges others have faced.


The validations suite has been focused on enabling your success during the upgrade/migration process to CDP, creating new in-depth checks that are readily available for self-service consumption. To begin using validations please visit the Assets section of MyCloudera where you can review your validation alerts along with steps to resolve those alerts in order to maximize cluster operational health and help ensure your upgrade to CDP goes smoothly.


Validations are available in MyCloudera for CDH/Cloudera Manager clusters where diagnostic bundles have been sent to Cloudera Support. As of November 2021, we're searching 300 known problem signatures in customers' diagnostic data including over a dozen brand new critical alerts specific to CDP Private Cloud Base upgrade migration. A demonstration video showing the validations interface in MyCloudera can be found here.


Customers running CDH/Cloudera Manager are able to review and resolve misconfigurations reported in MyCloudera in a pre-upgrade manner before executing an upgrade to CDP. This can be accomplished by first sending a new diagnostic bundle to Cloudera Support and reviewing/resolving the alerts displayed on MyCloudera during the CDP upgrade planning phase.


Customers running HDP/Ambari are not able to receive validations in MyCloudera, but they are able to submit a diagnostic bundle from the resulting CDP Private Cloud Base cluster post-upgrade in order to receive validation alerts. Configuration fixes can then be executed in the CDP environment based on the alerts uncovered before runtime occurs thereby avoiding any future impact.


In addition to validation alerts, Cloudera Support would like to offer the following helpful resources to CDH/Cloudera Manager & HDP/Ambari customers who are planning their adoption of CDP:


If you have any questions about your upgrade and adoption of CDP please contact your Cloudera account team representative.

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