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Coming in November we will upgrade the Cloudera support portal to provide a better customer experience. This will include a streamlined the case creation process, added dynamic fields, and a host of supporting resources all to save you time and effort. 


Here’s a detailed look at a few of the intelligent new features:


  • A redesigned user experience: The updated design improves user experience through reactive searches and smart case creation flows to make the portal faster, bolder, and effortless to use for your everyday needs
  • Streamlined case creation: The portal will streamline the case creation process by dynamically tailoring the appropriate technical case information, questions, and product details relevant to your specific case type to save you clicks and time.
  • Supporting resources at your fingertips: Improved options for using the Related Resources page for immediate solutions and information during the case creation process. As you enter your case information, relevant articles and resources appear on the page to help you troubleshoot.
  • All in one place: The portal acts as a centralized location for all documentation, knowledge base, cases, assets, and community posts to help you access what you need when you need it. 


Check back next week to learn  about the streamlined Case Creation process coming in November. Later this month, we’ll share with you training videos for case creation, case management, and more. 


If you have any questions please contact



The Cloudera Support Systems Team

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