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Upgraded Case Creation and Case Management Functionality

Cloudera Employee

Case Creation and Case Management is about to get a lot easier. 


We’re introducing a host of improvements and efficiencies to save you time and effort as well as provide an optimal experience. Here’s a quick look at a few of the new features in each category:



To streamline the case creation process, we’re adding new functionality to guide you through the various sections and let you provide the right information faster:



  • Technical Case: create a technical case when you need product or asset assistance. During the case creation process, you’ll be asked the appropriate technical information tailored to your specific product selection to create a case faster than ever before.  
  • General Administrative Assistance: We now have a dedicated space for general questions. Use this case type when you have any questions about access, subscriptions, licensing, and/or any other general administrative tasks.
  • Operational Services: This feature allows Cloudera to operate and manage customer assets. For more information contact your representative. 
  • Upgrade Planning: You now have the ability to schedule and plan for product updates. Simply select your product and desired date to start the upgrade process.  



  • Accordions contain products, components, assets, and other important information specific to each case and category. You will need to complete each section in order to submit your case. The new dynamic interface saves you time by dynamically tailoring the appropriate technical case information, questions, and product details relevant to your specific case type.



  • You now have the ability to manage assets independently in the Cloudera Support Portal. During the case creation process, you’ll have access to your assets and the ability to edit or update them all in one place. 



To help you stay organized, we created a single, centralized page for all your case management needs:



  • You now have the ability to upload, add, download, and edit attachments for all your cases in one place for easy access. You can also use the filters feature to navigate and find your specific cases in record time. 



  • After a 24 hour initial investigation period (during which we will communicate with you in line with your support SLA), you will be able to escalate your case at any point until the issue is resolved. 



  • You can create a subcase if you need to address additional issues regarding the “parent” case on the case management page.
  • You can also create a “sibling” by adding a subcase related to another subcase. Note both subcases are related to the “parent” case.



  • Use the Case Watcher feature to stay current on your case developments and updates, as well as view not only your specific cases but additional cases from other users (you must receive the appropriate permissions to watch other’s cases)


We know may have additional questions about the new case creation and management features. So make sure to check back later this month for training demos on technical case creation, case management, and more.  


If you have any questions please contact


As always, thank you for being a Cloudera customer


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