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Upgraded Support Portal Coming This November!

Cloudera Employee

As you read this, we’re in the process of building a consolidated portal that delivers a unified experience for all our customers. Here’s a taste of what you can expect when the portal launches:


What’s Changing for Cloudera Customers

  • Improved Design: A modern look and simplified organization makes it easier to get help and solve your issues faster than ever.  
  • Intelligent Forms and Fields: We’re rolling out responsive forms and smart fields to streamline the case creation process. This new functionality makes the case creation process effortless and accurate by providing the appropriate technical case information based on a specific product selection.   
  • Dynamic Articles: For the first time, you’ll have access to helpful articles tailored to your specific case inquiry right on the case creation page. That means you may be able to solve your issues right away without ever submitting a case!

What’s Changing for Legacy Hortonworks Customers

  • an enhanced look and feel
  • upgraded functionality
  • a simplified experience to make it easier to register for a new login, granting you access to all Cloudera environments
  • across-the-board improvements to make your Support experience even better

We’ll share more information in the coming weeks, but while you’re waiting we have a small but important request: please take a moment to validate and, if needed, update three key fields on your existing environments. This maintenance only takes a few minutes and helps ensure your existing environment information properly transfers to the new portal.


Access your environment record in the Hortonworks Support Portal and review the following fields (click the pencil icon to edit):

  • Environment Phase: Choose “Production” or “Development”
  • HDP Version: Choose the correct product version from the dropdown
  • Inactive: Click the checkbox if you want to mark the asset as inactive (Inactive resources will not migrate to the new Support portal)

What’s Next

This is just the beginning.  Check back often to make sure you don’t miss important information, updates, and training over the next four to six weeks.


If you have any questions please contact



The Cloudera Support Systems Team


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