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Validations - Cloudera Support's Predictive Alerting

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The cluster validations service is included in a customer's enterprise subscription at no additional cost. All customers with access to the Support case portal will also be able to take advantage of our validations program.


In order to take advantage of Validations please first provide a new diagnostic bundle from all of your supported clusters and allow time for processing.


Cluster diagnostic data (bundles) can be sent to Cloudera Support directly from the product (CDP Private Cloud Base or legacy CDH/CM), as an attachment in a support case, or manually through a phone_home script available on

Cloudera's arsenal of problem signatures relates to misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities, performance degradation, deviations from our known best practices, as well as many other types of commonly experienced issues that can result in general cluster instability.


Validation alerts are designated a severity level, including critical, error, warning, information, and curiosity based on the impact to the cluster. Included with the alert are the relevant problem details, affected hosts in the cluster, as well as applicable documentation.


Beginning in March 2021, Cloudera Support is excited to announce that customers will now have on-demand self-service access to their entire suite of cluster validations directly in the MyCloudera customer portal. This is a replacement for the historical process of utilizing proactive support cases as the alerting vehicle for Cloudera's customers.


New Validations functionality in MyCloudera includes:

  • The ability to mark specific validation alerts as "reviewed" to classify those that no longer require attention
  • The capability of silencing a cluster's notifications if it's designated as a sandbox, for example
  • Self-service control over who is designated as a "Validation Alert Recipient" on the account in question (email notifications)

Cloudera Support recommends that customers review their validation alerts contained in MyCloudera under Assets and perform the recommended corrective actions.


If planning or consultative assistance is required, customers can contact their sales account team for advice and recommendations. For technical assistance with a break/fix support matter relating to the validation, a case can be filed using the instructions here.


Cloudera is continuously expanding, improving, and investing in its predictive alerting capabilities. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know:


Thank you for your interest in Cloudera Support's Predictive Alerting.

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