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2.4.3 backwards compatibility with hdfs 2.4.0 - or where can I get RPMs providing 2.4.0 hdfs software

New Contributor

I am in the process of trying to recover data in HDFS from a failed cluster that was running on centos 7 and HDP 2.4.0. I have a new Ambari server installed, and I am following a path similar to what is suggested here:

The problem I am encountering is that I am unable to find any repos with 2.4.0 software... only 2.4.3. I am hesitant to install the hadoop_2_4_3_0_227-hdfs* packages when I know that the disks are storing hdfs v2.4.0 data without being certain that the data will not be corrupted by using the newer package versions. This is the only copy we have of this data, and my only goal here is to recover the orc files on this HDFS. I am having to use the fsimage and edits from our secondary namenode as well, so I have to be certain that 2.4.3 is backwards compatible, or (preferably) find a repo contianing 2.4.0 software.

Can anyone shed any light regarding availability of HDP 2.4.0 software or backwards compatibility of 2.4.3 HDFS?

Thanks in advance


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I was able to use the centos6 repos to get the versions installed that I needed. I also created a json file to serve as input specifying the cent6 repo like so:

[root@hostname 0]# cat /root/repo.json
[root@hostname 0]# curl -H "X-Requested-By: ambari" -X PUT -u admin:$PW http://$AMBARI_HOST:8080/api/v1/stacks/HDP/versions/2.4/operating_systems/redhat7/repositories/HDP-2... -d @/root/repo.json
; ;