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A recipe supposed to run before ambari installation is running post it. How to run it 'pre ambari installation'?

New Contributor

Cloudbreak 2.2.0, Openstack newton
I have a recipe which sets the proxy and downloads the ambari repo. This recipe should get executed before trying ambari-server installation. However, according to the logs, it is running only after the ambari-server installation fails. Since the earliest recipe type is "pre ambari-start", i am unable to do anything about it. Is there any way to make the recipe run 'pre ambari-installation' ??



@shweta singh

The pre-ambari-start recipes are running in the same salt state as the ambari-install, so they are running parallel. Salt is trying to run highstate more times, so after the pre-ambari-start recipes are finished with the proxy and repo settings the ambari-install phase should be successfull. The ambari repository settings can be set on the UI or from the CLI as well.

Anyway in the next TP version of Cloudbreak (2.5) proxy setup for clusters will be in techpreview phase. You can try clusters behind proxy in that version.

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