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ACID Tables access in PIG

New Contributor


I was trying to load an ACID Table in HIVE onto a relation in PIG and then just DUMP the output. But while doing so, although PIG does not give any error, it reads 0 records from the table, thus giving no records in the output. Can anyone help in this?


Hi @Shashwat Dabholkar

Are you able to load it successfully? Could you help me with the Hive table DDL?

I think pig should be able to read the data from hive table regardless whether it is ACID table or not assuming that the Hcatalog can be used by both hive and pig. To make sure whether if there are problem with the pig commands such load the hive ACID table data into another hive table in which ACID is not enabled and try to run the pig scripts from that. If it works then the other Hive table should also be able to function properly.

New Contributor

Hi Bala,

I have read and loaded the same data from a normal HIVE Table using HCatalog in PIG and it works just fine. But with ACID HIVE Tables it does not read/write anything.


Create Table Table1{

field1 int,

field2 char,



CLUSTERED BY (Bus_Date) INTO 4 BUCKETS STORED AS ORC TBLPROPERTIES('orc.compress'=zlib','transactional'='true');

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