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AD Groups with space in name - HUE and HDFS/linux



in our environment, we have some existing AD Groups that have a space in the name, like "My Company Group One".  We can import these into HUE via LDAP Sync and we do get all of the users.


However, adding this AD group to the Linux OS is proving nearly impossible.  I've tried using various escape characters, quoting it,etc....and just can't get it to add to Linux. 


Just wondering how other folks might be handling this issue?  Does Cloudera even support having AD Group names with a space?




Linux does not like those pesky whitespaces. You will need to try using LDAP auth and integration through CDH. Hadoop has the LDAP based group mapping. I don't recommend using it, in general but if you can't/won't change the group names... Hive and Impala both have LDAP auth as well.

Simplest route, from the Hadoop side, is to change the group names.



Thanks for the reply.


Yes, we are using LDAP authentication.  But we do have some existing AD groups with spaces in the names.  Looks like we either need to create new AD Groups (without a space) or one of the tools like SSSD or Centrify to sync between LDAP/AD and linux.




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