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AD Users not getting added to Ranger admin



I'm facing an issue where User sync with AD for Ranger was working fine and suddenly the new users who are in added on AD side are not being synced to Ranger. I have limited user search to a particular OU and then also no luck. In usersync log i could see the correct number of users synced but the new users are not reflecting in the Ranger admin UI.


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@Cibi Chakaravarthi

Which version of Ranger are you using? Have you noticed any errors while updating the users to ranger admin in either usersync logs (usersync.log) or ranger admin logs (xa_portal.log)? Can you also provide details of your usersync configuration?


I'm using Ranger 0.7.0 version and i could see that the number of users synced under the OU is correct, but the user id's are not showing up in Ranger admin UI.

I have attached usersync and xa_portal logs captured when trying to restart Ranger usersync as manual trigger of usersync.usersync-log.txtxa-portal-log.txt

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@Cibi Chakaravarthi,

From the usersync logs, looks like you have group search first enabled, but the no. of groups sync'd are zero. When group search first is enabled, the logic to update the ranger admin is - Retrieve all the groups that match the group config and then retrieve the users that match the user config. We update ranger admin with all the retrieved groups and the retrieved user that are only part of these groups.

So, in your case, since there are no groups are retrieved based on the group config, what ever the user that are pulled based on the user config are not updated to ranger admin.

Ranger usersync supports multiple options to target different usecases for syncing users and group from AD/LDAP. Please refer to the following article for more details:

Hope this helps.



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