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ADD FILE/JAR/ARCHIVE support for Sentry


ADD FILE/JAR/ARCHIVE support for Sentry


I have found that on sentry enabled cluseter ADD FILE, ADD JAR, ADD ARCHIVE commands are not allowed. You get following error:
Error: Insufficient privileges to execute ADD (state=42000,code=0)


I have been reading about this problem on multiple forums and blogs, but haven't found any solution.

I saw suggestions like adding resources such as JARS to hdfs and having it in hive_aux_jars_path.

I understand this is to avoid any security holes which can be added via custom code, but discontinution of supporting this command breaks existing application. 


Basically if these commands are disallowed then one has to re-write/re-design the applications. I am not sure if that would be even possible for some customers. I understand that one needs to re-eveluate use-case for sentry in such scenarios. But by chance if there is a way out it would be great to know.


Can someone please suggest if there is alternate way so one can avoid re-write of the existing applications?


Re: ADD FILE/JAR/ARCHIVE support for Sentry


Hi Folks, 


We are also hitting the same scenario. Any solutions are available as of now? I appreciate any views on the same.


Many thanks in advance.



Nagaraj C