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Absolute min RAM requirement...

Absolute min RAM requirement...

New Contributor

Hi - last April I downloaded the sandbox and installed in virtualbox running on my linux laptop which has a total of 8Gb physical RAM. As I recall, I configured the VM to have 6 GB, and while it was sluggish, it did run and I was able to carry out the tutorials.

I figured, "Sluggish is OK as long as I can learn." Which I did. Unfortunately I wiped all of it later on. Last week I tried downloading the latest and greatest and hit a few problems.

1st one is that the latest virtualbox won't install correctly on Ubuntu regardless of which workaround I try. I got around that because fortunately when I wiped my install, I kept the original virtualbox tar file. Re-installed virtualbox and got the sandbox downloaded.

But when I tried to load the sandbox into the VM it just kind of sits there trying to start CENTOS.

Does anyone know a trick for starting up on less than 8GB of memory? Please don't point me to Azure, MSFT has completely messed up my MSDN credit account for Azure and at the beginning of each month I get a notice that I've used up all the credits even though there is nothing running there. It has been a year with a couple of attempts to get them to fix it and they finally admitted they don't know what the problem is... Really? OK, that's all I need to know to make the decision to stay away from Azure. I would never use a product when the builder can't fix a simple problem with the product they've built.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

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