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Access streaming RDD or DStream via beeline

Access streaming RDD or DStream via beeline

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 is it possible to acccess the cumulative RDD or DStream in a simple streaming application via jdbc or beeline client?

For example in this simple code (copied form stackoverflow) I would like to access via beeline or jdbc (BI tool) and report the cumulative count of words - stateDstream ( I would like to access it via SQL  registerTempTable)


// Create the context with a 1 second batch size
    val ssc = new StreamingContext(sparkConf, Seconds(1))

    // Create a NetworkInputDStream on target ip:port and count the
    // words in input stream of \n delimited test (eg. generated by 'nc')
    val lines = ssc.socketTextStream(args(0), args(1).toInt)
    val words = lines.flatMap(_.split(" "))
    val wordDstream = => (x, 1))

    // Update the cumulative count using updateStateByKey
    // This will give a Dstream made of state (which is the cumulative count of the words)
    val stateDstream = wordDstream.updateStateByKey[Int](updateFunc)







Re: Access streaming RDD or DStream via beeline

Spark does have a thrift server that can be ran to access data in Spark applications via JDBC. It is not supported by Cloudera though.

Datastax has documentation around it.
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