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Accessing Solr Collections in Hue


Accessing Solr Collections in Hue


I'm on a kerberised cluster that's in the middle of being set up. I have admin level privileges for all of the services we're using. 


We have several of the demo collections set up, and a test collection of our own. 


In Hue, I can create dashboards using these collections without a problem. 


When I try to click the collection in either the sidebar or the Hue "Indexes" view, I get a 403 permissions error pop up almost right away:


403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: https://<uri>:8985/solr/<my_collection>/schema?doAs=<firstname.lastname>&wt=json Error 403 Unauthorized request, Response code: 403 HTTP ERROR 403 Problem accessing /solr/<my_collection>/schema Reason: Unauthorized request, Response code: 403 (error 403)


<> replaced by me. 


Any ideas why I don't have permissions to view the schema? 


Where are the schema stored?



Re: Accessing Solr Collections in Hue

New Contributor


Were you able to find a solution to this issue? I am also facing the exact problem.


Re: Accessing Solr Collections in Hue

Cloudera Employee

@mmcd Generally a 403 Error is caused by unauthorized access. Also looking at the exception its likely you don't have access for the Schema for that collection.


I would assume you are a CDH6 environment. So the only way for you to bypass this issue would be run the below command on a solr server with Solr's Kinit Credentials:


solrctl sentry --grant-privilege <role-name> 'schema=*->action=*'

Note: You need to provide the role-name here which is mapped to user's group in unix.

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