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Accumulo Monitor unable to show Recent Traces - Bug?

Accumulo Monitor unable to show Recent Traces - Bug?

New Contributor

When I attempt to view the 'Recent Traces' in the Accumulo Web UI I see the following exceptions:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not extract password from CredentialProvider
Caused by: No password could be extracted from CredentialProvider(s) with


The tracer is running happily and writing to the trace table. I am using the default credential provider path of jceks://file/{CMF_CONF_DIR}/creds.localjceks. However, when I inspect the keystore files, the tracer process's one contains:

  • instance.secret

but the monitor process which runs the web UI I'm trying to view the Recent Traces on only contains:

  • instance.secret


I would have thought the monitor process would need access to the trace password? Is there a bug in the deployment that means this secret is not being added to the monitor's keystore?


I'm running Cloudera Express 6.2.0 and Accumulo 1.9.2-cdh6.1.0