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Active HBase Master went into Standby


I try setting Hbase HA , i set up HA by adding Hbase Master through service action.After setting I made my Active Master down for testing and my Standby Hbase master become active when i brought up my down master , both master came to Standby state.Then i Removed one Standby Hbase master.The remaining Hbase Master stays in Standby state.HDP version 2.4.2 and Ambari version

How to make it Active Hbase kindly suggest



Re: Active HBase Master went into Standby

@Mathi Murugan

It might be Ambari issue sometime in updating the actual status, can you please login to HBase shell and check the status.

You should get something like this:

hbase(main):002:0> status
1 active master, 1 backup masters, 4 servers, 0 dead, 281.0000 average load

Re: Active HBase Master went into Standby

Cloudera Employee
@Mathi Murugan

The stats about '0 regions per RegionServer' as seen in Ambari indicates that the HMaster might be waiting on completing its initialization since region assignments for namespace and meta tables are still in progress.

You may want to restart the complete HBase service again to check, and/or run 'tail -f' on the HMaster and RegionServer logs to find the current on going activities on them. Another place to look for information is the HBase Master UI - use the 'Quick Links' from the hbase service page to native to that.