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Active tasks showing 2 where as concurrent task shows 1 for a processor ?

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Hello All ,

We are facing an issue here. We are extracting some data from a database table using the "query database table processor" which runs every 15 minutes. This has been running fine but off late we have observed that the processor seems to show more than one active task which may be happening due to the case that the first task hasnt completed and the second task is getting triggered as a result of which we are getting duplicates in the target.

We also checked the "concurrent tasks" in the scheduling tab of the processor and this was set to 1. So , ideally we would assume that the processor would only show one Active task at a point in time. The screen shot is attached and the number of active tasks in the processor has been encircled and also the number concurrent tasks.

Can someone please shed some light here as its causing lots of issues for