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Add New Cluster to the existing CM

Add New Cluster to the existing CM


I have an existing ClouderaManager-1 managing 30nodes CDH instance (5.15.0), which has been enabled with TLS level 3 encryption and kerberized

and i have another instance of ClouderaManager-2 managing 5node CDH instance(5.14.0) ( Non-TLS and non-kerberized)


i would like to merge 5node CDH instance(5.14.0) to ClouderaManager-1 instance


Could i do so and can somebody please point me to the correct doc link in acheiving it.


Re: Add New Cluster to the existing CM

Expert Contributor

Hi @Johnny_Bach,


You can decomisioned de 5 nodes, and then add to ClouderaManager-1 instance. First need to add the 5 hosts to the instance of ClouderaManager-1, finally install or add the roles.


You can see oficial doc, here: