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Add New Host to Cloudera Manager using pbrun



how can I add hosts to my cluster if I can only get su prviledges on the host via power broker role..i.e. pbrun

in the "Enter Login Credentials " section of the "Add Hosts" wizard, I don't see any option I can use.

CDH/Cloudera 6.2


If I can not add hosts using pbrun. 

Please help with detailed info on how to add a host using the

"All hosts accept same private key"
How do I create the private key and distribute to hosts.


please help.




Thanks Champion.

That is the instruction I am using.  It only works if I have an account with root access on the hosts

I can only get root access on the hosts via the pbrun command.


pbrun is part of powerbroker server that symark and sun teams provides for advanced root privilege delegation and keylogging.


I'm looking for an alternative way to add hosts because, I can't use these options:

Enter Login Credentials:

  1. Select root for the root account, or select Another user and enter the username for an account that has password-less sudo privileges

I can only use pbrun to get elevated privileges on the hosts

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