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Add hadoop host to new ambari

Add hadoop host to new ambari


Hi team,

I have a hadoop cluster, that managed by Ambari (they are install on AWS EC2).

I got a big problem with my mistake, I have deleted Ambari server host.

So now I can not monitoring/control our hadoop cluster.

And I have installed a new Ambari server host (fresh ambari server)

My question:

- Do we have anyway to add hadoop host to new ambari server?




Re: Add hadoop host to new ambari

New Contributor

Hi Tin,

That's a tough spot to be in. This sounds similar to the thread about installing Ambari on an already existing cluster.

This is a good thread for this topic:

In short, if you cannot 1) do the fresh install with the new Ambari server you installed, then your options are 2) to try an Ambari cluster takeover via the API or 3) to install a dummy cluster and swap out the configs




Re: Add hadoop host to new ambari

Super Guru
@Tin Huynh

Do you have backup of Ambari server database? If yes then you can re-install similar version of Ambari and restore the backup.

If you don't have a backup and you have support subscription then please raise a support case with us!

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