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Added node to HDP existing cluster but data is not shared and load is not balanced

@Jay SenSharma

Load is 0(Zero) on one of node in the existing cluster when added newly to the existing.load-balance.png


Super Mentor

@kotesh banoth

have you tried running the HDFS "Rebalancer" ?

Ambari UI --> HDFS --> "Service Actions" (Drop Down) --> Rebalance HDFS ?



Super Mentor
@kotesh banoth

Also do you see any ERROR/WARNING message on either "ambari-agent.log" or the DataNode of that host

@Jay Kumar SenSharma

I had done the above steps, but there is no data balance in the cluster.

Please find the screen shot below:


@kotesh banoth,

Did you just add the new node or installed a data node on the new node as well. If there is no data node on the new node then you may not see the data. Just click on the newnode link and see what all services are listed.



Super Mentor

@kotesh banoth

Can you please check if the following API call is returning any value there?

# curl -u admin:admin -H "X-Requested-By: ambari" -X GET http://localhost:8080/api/v1/clusters/Sandbox/hosts?fields=Hosts/host_name,Hosts/disk_info,Hosts/os_...


Please replace the "localhost" with your ambari-server hostname

Also the "Sandbox" with your ambari cluster name.

Also let us know if the OS and Python version and is same across the cluster (Specially on the new node)?


# python --version
Python 2.6.6

# rpm -qa | grep ambari


Super Mentor

@kotesh banoth

If you see that the Host Summary in the UI shows "Disk: Data Unavailable" (On mousr over) then one of the reason can be that the Ambari Metrics is not installed. In that case please check if that host has the "Metrics Monitor" component installed and running. Also please restart the ambari-agent on that host.


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